Canadian Positive People Network

Réseau canadien des personnes séropositives

Our 5-year work plan

While we continue to engage members and key community partners through our "Establishing Priorities" initiative, we are working with a 5-year plan.  As a publicly-funded organization, we were/are required to clearly demonstrate that our work plan meet at least one "SMART" objective.  This is ours:

"By 2022, the Canadian Positive People Network (CPPN) will have delivered 100 interventions (i.e., engagement actions) to

180 people living with HIV and/or HIV co-infections (Hepatitis C , STBBIs) across Canada to:

Strengthen capacity in, self-confidence, and credibility by 20%; and,

To increase by 20% the number of participants who report having applied the new skills in local, regional and national interventions

(i.e., engagement actions)".

The activities we have undertaken, and will continue to implement, aspire to ensure that CPPN members realize the following outcomes:

  1. In the short-term: strengthened Capacity (skills, competencies and abilities) to prevent infections and improve health outcomes among people living with HIV or HIV co-infection in/for community-based interventions.
  2. In the medium-term: enhanced application of knowledge and skills in community-based interventions among people living with HIV or HIV co-infection.
  3. Over the long-term: improved access to health, social and support services for people living with HIV or HIV co-infection.

Our activities

Our 5-year plan sets out three specific engagement activities.

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Knowledge development, translation and exchange

Communications, media, and

social marketing

Supportive environments and mobilization