Canadian Positive People Network

Réseau canadien des personnes séropositives

Rob Olver

Director: At-Large

[email protected]

Rob Olver was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 2014, a couple of weeks before he was due to retire. He shares he knew from the start that he wanted to be open about his diagnosis and work to destigmatize HIV in the community and blogging about life with HIV at offered him the chance to do that. Shortly after, he became its editor. was Canada's online magazine run by and for people living with HIV. It was a peer-led initiative and was unique in that and many other ways, so it was just natural that we were early endorsers/supporters of two other peer-driven initiatives: The U=U movement and the CPPN. liked to see peers succeed and direct their own success. The closure of the publication a couple of years ago was just one of several big changes in Rob’s life which shifted his focus for a while to more personal matters and a retirement of sorts. The world, the CPPN and we are going through challenging times of late. And there are more challenges to come, some of them unprecedented. So to be able to continue to serve the Canadian HIV community by serving on the board of the CPPN now is an honour for Rob and he approach the work knowing that if we can be our best selves together, we can accomplish great things for all people living with HIV in this country. Rob reports he is looking forward to working with you all.