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Canadian Positive People Network (CPPN)

Réseau canadien des personnes séropositives (RCPS)

« Love Positive Women »

Visit us each day from February 1st through to February 14th to share our love for positive women in Canada and from around the world.


Visitez-nous tous les jours du 1er au 14 février pour partager notre amour pour les femmes positives au Canada et du monde entire.


Our Leadership Team

Following a successful Annual General Meeting of Members on September 17, 2022, the CPPN’s Leadership Team for 2022-2023 was confirmed, as was the Board of Directors’ Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee

[email protected] 

Deborah Norris, Co-Chair ([email protected])

Deborah is also Regional Director, the Prairies

Robert Olver, Co-Chair ([email protected])

Robert is also an At-Large Director

Dani Burke, Secretary ([email protected])

Dani is also an At-Large Director

Synder Starr ([email protected])

Synder is also Regional Director, British Columbia

The Board of Directors

[email protected]

Glen Hart

Regional Director, Ontario

([email protected])

Kellie Leeder

Regional Director, Northern, Remote, and Rural Communities

([email protected])

Marlo Cottrell

Designated Communities Director, People Living with HIV and HIV Co-infections

([email protected])

Michael Laframboise

Designated Communities Director, Indigenous Peoples and Communities

([email protected])

Dakarayi Chigugudhlo

Designated Communities Director: People who identify as Women or Girls

([email protected])

Folasade Olaniyan

Designated Communities Director, Ethnocultural/Migrant Communities

([email protected])

Kimberly Samson

At-Large Director

([email protected])

Our Executive Director

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