Canadian Positive People Network

Réseau canadien des personnes séropositives

Supportive environments and mobilization

Our first 5-year plan includes activities and interventions which intend to support meaningful engagement and mobilization opportunities for people living with HIV or HIV co-infection. We want to foster collaboration with partners to deliver capacity-building and issue-specific skills training, and fora to address gaps, needs or priorities, and current issues. Our work plan also includes activities that facilitate opportunities through which people living with HIV or co-infection participate and contribute as credible experts in their own lives in the development and implementation of evidence-informed policies, programs and services that are grounded by the application of GIPA/MEPA/MEWA principles.

The goals that underscore our supportive environments and mobilization activities strive to: (1) strengthen individual/ community capacity; (2) connect participants to resources, tools and support, with the aim of addressing barriers, increasing participant's sense of credibility, self-confidence to prevent infections and improve health outcomes; and, (3) contribute to improved access to health, social and support services.

With a view to challenging assumptions which contribute to and/or perpetuate stigma and discrimination, and to influencing change in knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, we will work closely with CPPN members and key community partners to focus our efforts on these very specific "calls to action":

  1. Care and support for ALL of us!
  2. Ending stigma and discrimination (once and for all).

With a view to establishing people living with HIV and HIV co-infections as credible authorities in the development, interpretation, and implementation of evidence-informed decision-making, and to promoting the importance of GIPA/MEPA/MEWA, our work plan includes this specific "call to action":

We are experts; our lived/living experience IS evidence!  We need to make sure that it matters!

With a view to making meaningful and effective contributions to Canada's global commitments/targets (e.g., 90-90-90 treatment target for HIV; "getting to zero by 2030" for HIV, eradication of viral hepatitis/hepatitis C by 2030, etc.), we will focus efforts on this specific "call to action":

Meeting domestic commitments to global targets: we must not leave anybody behind!