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Canadian Positive People Network

Réseau canadien des personnes séropositives

« Love Positive Women » 2022

February 5 | le 5 février

Today's affirmation | L'affirmation d'aujourd'hui

"Women’s sexual health in the context of HIV has been pathologized, moralized, medicalized, and stigmatized. Globally, more than 19million women and girls are living with HIV, including more than 14,500 women in Canada.

Women’s bodies have been primarily viewed as vectors of disease, constituting a “public health risk” to those they might infect."

Read this fascinating paper here.

    Carter A, Gormley B, Muchenje M, et al. Prevalence and correlates of sexual concerns and associated distress among women living with HIV in Canada. Women’s Health. January 2022. doi:10.1177/17455065221074877

Une discussion très intéressante :

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