Canadian Positive People Network

Réseau canadien des personnes séropositives

Deborah Norris

Secretary of the Board of Directors and Treasurer

Regional Director: The Prairies

[email protected]

Deborah Norris has been an activist and advocate for people living with HIV since soon after her HIV diagnosis in 1991. She has been an active member of the boards of local, provincial, national and international groups of people living with HIV. Deborah originally sat on the Board of CPPN starting in the spring of 2017 and resigned in September of 2018. She was again elected to the CPPN Prairie seat in January of 2019. Since 1992, Deborah has provided peer support to people living with HIV and community education on the social/psychological issues of living with HIV and the basics of HIV infection. In the mid-1990s, she co-founded a non-profit society for women living with HIV in Alberta and was its chairperson for three years. Deborah was recognized by HIV Edmonton with a Community Leadership award and nominated for a Woman of the Year award in Edmonton. She is looking forward to continuing to represent the voices of people living with HIV.