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Canadian Positive People Network (CPPN)

Réseau canadien des personnes séropositives (RCPS)

"Equalize" for Equity and Access

« Égaliser » pour l’équité et l’accès »

In Quebec City in July 2022, Pope Francis called upon authorities and diplomats to "promot[e] the legitimate rights of the indigenous populations and to favour processes of healing and reconciliation between them and the non-indigenous people of the country." He acknowledged that Canada's residentials schools represented a "tragic example of 'cancel culture'". The CPPN stands in solidarity with our Indigenous brothers and sisters, and we share the Pope's affirmation 'decrying' this country's genocide of our Indigenous Peoples.

À Québec, en juillet 2022, le pape François a appelé les autorités et les diplomates à « [promouvoir] les droits légitimes des populations autochtones et à favoriser les processus de guérison et de réconciliation entre elles et les non-autochtones du pays ». Il a reconnu que les pensionnats destinés aux enfants autochtones du Canada représentaient un « exemple tragique de « cancel culture ». Le RCPS est solidaire de nos frères et sœurs autochtones, et nous partageons l’affirmation du pape « dénonçant » le génocide de nos peuples autochtones par ce pays.


(en franç​ais)

Welcome from the Co-Chairs

Brittany Cameron and Kathleen Bird

Greetings to our fellow Canadians Living with HIV (Hep C Co-infection), our Peers, Partners and Allies.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to website of the Canadian Positive People Network. We are honoured and humbled to serve as your 2020-2021 Co-chairs of the Canadian Positive People Network.

As your Co-chairs, we are committed to leading our organization with a deep commitment to social justice, transparency, integrity, critical reflection and accountability. To catalyze our successes, we also hope to offer mobilize more involvement and engagement throughout Canada, to provide open access to information, support HIV Positive People as leaders, and continue to grow our support network with horizontal and vertical mentorship and partnership.

We aim to create an environment where we as People Living with HIV can support each other and hold our organization and the organizations mandated to serve us accountable while expanding towards new opportunities. 

As we prepare to relaunch our organization, we will work to unite Canadians Living with HIV across Canada under this opportunity to join together and create new spaces where we can collaborate, problem solve, and engage others through our collective leadership.  

We encourage you to explore the CPPN website as you seek ways to get involved within the CPPN Community. As People Living with HIV we all play a vital role in the success of our organization. We hope this prompts you to join our membership and subscribe to our newsletter for further information regarding the hard work we are engaging in to

bring you events, programs, services, and policies that meet your needs.

As fellow Canadians Living with HIV in all of our diversities, we are the foundational future of the Canadian Positive People Network. You, your voices, your presence, and your multiple identities as future leaders are valued and welcomed.

In Solidarity,

Kathleen and Brittany