Canadian Positive People Network

Réseau canadien des personnes séropositives

Establishing Priorities

In August 2017, we initiated our "Establishing Priorities" initiative: a comprehensive, 3-part process designed to:

  • Validate and/or amend our Mission and our Vision;
  • Identify and articulate our work's "critical pathways"
  • Review and revise our overarching goals; and (ultimately),
  • Prepare for the development of future funding applications/submissions.

Part 1 of this integral process was an extensive online survey in August 2017.

A copy of the survey report is located here.

Note that the report is still in its draft form since our consultations with members and key community partners are ongoing.

Part 2 was and continues to be a series of regional symposia with our members and key community partners.

  • Our first regional gathering was in Vancouver on April 21, 2018 with members and partners from British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.
  • Our second symposium brought together members and partners from all four Atlantic provinces on June 23, 2018.
  • Our next opportunity will be with members and key community partners from The Prairies and the Northwest Territory, tentatively planned to take place in Saskatoon (SK) in June 2020.
  • Then, we will wrap-up this part of our Establishing Priorities initiative with members and partners from Ontario, Nunavut, and Quebec in September 2020 (likely in Toronto or Montreal).

Part 3 will be about engaging with the entire CPPN membership to review and validate all of the key findings: gaps, opportunities, and recommendations identified through the entire process.

Once our analysis is complete and our members are comfortable with the resulting actions we will take as an organization, we will outline a forward-thinking, sustainable plan for the CPPN's ongoing work, and we will pursue funding opportunities in earnest to support our ongoing presence and credibility in Canada (and around the globe).